Medical and Regulatory Writer

Nathalie Ross, Ph.D., MWC, offers bilingual services in scientific and medical writing, journalistic writing, and conference coverage.

Her professional expertise and academic background cover the pharmaceutical, environmental, and food industries. Her demonstrated management skills and quality assurance approach ensure the success of her clients’ projects.

Nathalie is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where she works in partnership with her local, national, and international clientele

Pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries

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2019 – Certification en rédaction médicale de l’American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)

Arsenault et al. 2018. NEO6860, modality-selective TRPV1 antagonist: A randomized, controlled, proof-of-concept trial in patients with osteoarthritis knee pain, Pain Rep.; 3(6): e696

Papp et al. 2018. Adding Methotrexate to Adalimumab Therapy Improved Treatment Efficacy and Quality of Life in Psoriasis Patients, 27th EADV Congress, 12-16 September, Paris, France