Specialized Articles

Notable Contributions:

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Successful client projects


Accurate and reliable

I have worked with Nathalie for five years and have found her work to be focused, accurate and reliable.  I am pleased to continue to use Nathalie's services and would recommend her to other clients.

President, CanReg Inc., now OptumInsight

Multidisciplinary scientific background

Nathalie’s multidisciplinary scientific background and established writing skills are pivotal to the success of her clients’ projects. I have worked with Nathalie for the development of a clinical program where she handled key regulatory strategies for pre- and post-commercialization of an oncology drug. Nathalie has very strong communications and people skills that enable her to effectively engage with a variety of cross-functional team members.  In addition, she is a focused and flexible individual, a proficient project manager and very pleasant to work with!  I highly recommend her and would use her again for future engagements.

Director - Business Development

Her communication skills are exceptional

I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of working with Nathalie for several years. Nathalie is a scientist and an extremely skilled writer. She is also a dedicated team player, productive, and focused. Her communication skills are exceptional, her presentations and reports are always clear, concise and informative. Nathalie always approaches her work in a methodical, thorough and efficient manner with an in-depth understanding of every issue. It’s always been a pleasure to work with Nathalie, and I strongly recommend her talents and endorse her.

CEO, Fallene, Ltd.

Nathalie is always in pursuing of excellence

I have the pleasure of knowing Dr. Nathalie Ross as a colleague and friend for the past 15 years. I have always been very impressed with her ability to process lots of information effectively, see through the problem, and get to the solution very fast. Nathalie is always in pursuing of excellence in every aspect of work and life. Working with Nathalie is very rewarding and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Research Scientist, Environment Canada

Ability to write clearly

Nathalie has that rare talent of being a scientist, with a scientist's rigorous approach to her subjects, combined with an ability to write clearly and for a broader audience.  She has tackled several different topics for our magazine and has produced excellent articles in every case.

Editor, Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine

It is wonderful to work with Nathalie

We have worked with Nathalie for several years after having such an excellent first experience in 2012. She is detailed and accurate, poised and great with our clients and doctors. She has helped us in providing executive summaries for Advisory Board meetings in the area of Rheumatoid Arthritis and now also Ankylosing Spondylitis and Psoriatic Arthritis. It is wonderful to work with Nathalie – we consider her a very professional and talented extension of our team.

Senior Project Manager, Six Degrees Medical Consulting

Nathalie is a pleasure to work with

I worked with Nathalie in two oncology projects in the last two years. Nathalie is very organized, extremely professional and produces excellent work. She goes the extra mile to meet timelines and is able to focus on client’s requests. Nathalie is a pleasure to work with. I’m looking forward to working with Nathalie again in the future.

Associate Director of Clinical Operations, Cmed Clinical Services

Nathalie is our first choice

McDougall Scientific hires independent medical writers to augment services to our clients. Nathalie is our first choice for protocol, CSRs, and manuscripts; really, for all medical writing needs. Our clients ask for her by name because, with Nathalie, you get not only professional medical writing, you get project management, subject matter expertise, and that extra added effort when it is most needed. Our staff and clients love working with Nathalie.

Vice President, McDougall Scientific